Working With Asbestos Removal Contractors

Our latest consultancy project has taken us to Liverpool to work with FARC on their workflow management system. As a company that works nationally on asbestos removal projects, they need to keep close tabs on where their mobile units are, and how they move across the country. They have a number of vehicle trailers that are used as decontamination units for their staff to change in and out of their protective suits.

The project involves integrating their hardware with their back end systems along with some newly developed mobile apps that support their field cleaning contractors as well as their admin staff, as they frequently have to work out of hours in buildings that are open for business during working hours. That means that all staff need to be able to access company pressure washing equipment from anywhere and at any time. That’s exactly the sort of project that our jet wash engineers love getting their teeth into!

At Collaborace, we’re pleased to be able to offer our support, especially in connecting up their website and sales systems, allowing them to collect leads from the internet without needing to speak to customers as part of their sales funnel. Generally speaking, customers don’t research asbestos removal for fun, so there’s a high likelihood that leads are collected without any human contact with the customer until the callback happens after the website form is completed. That’s perfect for Collaborace v2 technology, and allows the company to proactively offer appointments when they know teams are already in, or passing through the area. That’s a great time and cost saver when arranging appointments, and leaves plenty of time for our cleanup team to move in afterwards and wash down the area with our high pressure jets.

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