Meet Our Latest Jet Wash Equipment – Pressure Washing Heaven!

Commercial cleaning equipment can be expensive – that’s why we developed our Collaborace Pressure Washer hire service to give businesses access to high pressure cleaning equipment at a fraction of the up front cost of hiring it outright.

As you might have seen before if you’ve researched pressure washers online with sites like the jet wash reviews, each jet washer can run into hundreds of pounds. If you’re considering setting up a professional car washing forecourt for example, that might mean investing in thousands of pounds worth of equipment. When you’re hiring staff and premises, that’s yet another cost that you might like to spread over many months rather than paying up front.

With our latest plans, you can get your hands on the very latest equipment for a fraction of the cost. Typically, customers benefiting from one of our three year contracts typically pay less than five percent of the cost of buying the hardware up front, while at the same time benefiting from our fast and efficient backup service. That means if you suffer from failing equipment, we can often swap them out for replacements the very same day if we’re unable to fix the problem on site.

Our backup service is usually what really sells us to our clients – your business can’t operate at full potential without the right tools – and your staff still want paying even if the company takes a dip in productivity and performance from pump failures.

If this sounds like a good solution for your firm, why not give us a call today and see what we can do for you? Our team are ready to listen to your needs and put together a bespoke package at a great price.

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