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Collaboration just got much easier with the new suite of tools from Colloborace.

Wherever you are and whatever device you use, your files will automatically follow you around. Our advanced software allows your staff to install a simple app onto their smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers and their work will be kept in sync automatically.

We offer all the benefits of cloud computing, without the risks associated with data hacks, compromised user accounts and so forth, and even offer the ability to remotely erase sensitive data from mobile devices that may be lost or stolen while your colleagues are out and about.

We all know how important it has become for businesses to have their data at their fingertips at all times, while simultaneously protecting ourselves from the threats of cybercrime and criminals trying to personally gain from our hard work.

With Collaborace technologies, you’re covered in both of these areas!

Our latest consultancy project has taken us to Liverpool to work with FARC on their workflow management system. As a company that works nationally on asbestos removal projects, they need to keep close tabs on where their mobile units are, and how they move across the country. They have a number of vehicle trailers that are used as decontamination units for their staff to change in and out of their protective suits.

The project involves integrating their back end systems with some newly developed mobile apps that support their field contractors as well as their admin staff, as they frequently have to work out of hours in buildings that are open for business during working hours. That means that all staff need to be able to access company systems from anywhere and at any time. That’s exactly the sort of project that our engineers love getting their teeth into!


We’ve just introduced readers to Aidan, one of our more recent Collaborace subscribers, who has found an innovative way to use our technologies to bring food deals to consumers. His supermarket competitions are proving rather popular, and allowing him to supercharge his business (and profits!) by using the intelligence he collects through our systems.

Meet Aidan and find our more about what he’s doing with our premier package here.

Here’s a video from Microsoft on how collaboration tools are helping education in schools evolve, and help teachers deliver lessons more effectively and seamlessly on demand…


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